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Multi Kulti Brunch @ DADA: Armenia with Hermina Emiryan

This Autumn, Dada Cultural Bar and Multi Kulti Collective team up for a new exciting initiative: Multi Kulti Brunches* hosted by talented foreign chefs from all over the world! We will not only be able to enjoy an exclusive selection of super tasty authentic foreign options served buffet style but also experience foreign cultures without leaving […]

Bulgarian and Refugee Children enjoy a Carnival Laboratory

On 20 August 2017 Bulgarian and refugee children were able to improve their carnival skills in the framework of the Carnival Laboratory organized by Zhar Theatre Foundation in the park. Everyone had so much fun! Just see the photos! We’d like to thank Caritas Sofia for the excellent partnership! Please note: You can also support […]

Give Me Voice research in Bulgaria

The study done in the framework of the project Empowering Communities in Europe aimed to collect and give space to the voices of young people in three selected locations in Bulgaria to explore through focus group interviews how hate speech arises on fertile ground of economic and security fears. The three focus group interviews happened […]

4-year core co-funding for SIRIUS, the new Brussels-based NGO co-founded by MKC

On June 9th, the new Brussels-based NGO working on migrant education Multi Kulti Collective recently co-founded together with 24 EU partners – SIRIUS secured EU co-funding for the next four years. The approval of the project submission by the European Commission shows that SIRIUS as a Policy Network on Migrant Education is considered to be relevant […]

#AllInForIntegration @ #WorldRefugeeDay #NIEM

Today, on the World Refugee Day 2017, organisations working together on the international research project NIEM – in Bulgaria these are Multi Kulti Collective and Bulgarian Council on Refugees and Migrants, have begun a social media campaign #AllInForIntegration in order to draw public attention to the need for a more efficient and effective integration policy that […]

Museum of Solidarity Promotion Workshop @ Budapest (Celebrating Solidarity)

Partners in the project Celebrating Solidarity gathered in Budapest for a workshop on Museum of Solidarity promotion and media event hosted by DemNet on 12-14 June 2017. The event was aiming to: coordinate the finalizing of stories on Museum of Solidarity the development of the web portal Museum of Solidarity the launch of Museum of Solidarity promotion […]

Deaf and Non-Deaf Children Learn how to Cook Arabic Food

Organizing a cooking class for the deaf children attending classes at the Saints Cyril and Methodius Church in Sofia was a brilliant idea of Freddy! He goes to this church quite often and invited us to make something unforgettable for the children there. Together with Father Metodi and children’s teacher and gesture translator Silvana we […]

6 Children = 1 Pyramid, or How Bulgarians and Refugee Children Used Their Bodies in Fun Geometry class

Our Multi Kulti Children’s Programme continued on 30 May 2017 with a fun mathematics workshops hosted by Svetlana Goranova from Fun Mathematics as part of the Spring celebration in 163 School in Sofia. Bulgarian and refugee children from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan used their bodies for a fun geometry class. They worked in teams, made […]

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