Multi Kulti Kitchen: Bangladesh

Multi Kulti Kitchen

We are happy to invite you to the new edition of the informal initiative ‘Multi Kulti Kitchen’ where you can make new friends from around the world. This time we’ll focus on the rich culture and tasty cuisine of Bangladesh. There is a big Bengali community in Sofia and some of its members will be glad to present you their exotic country, to tell you more about its history, nature, population, culture, music and cuisine. There will be many personal stories shared, presentation of colourful national costumes, live performance of the authentic music called Bangla Geet by Mr. Javed and the opportunity to try some of the most popular authentic dishes and desserts carefully prepared by Mr. Shahanjanjan who’s been living in Bulgaria in the last 15 years – fish curry with mustard seeds Maachher Jhol, tender chicken with potato Murgir Jhol, basmati rice Bhat, egg curry Dimer Dalna, rich vegetable mix Sobji, coconut ladoo Narkel naru.

When? 19 June 2016, 4:00 pm
Where? Indian restaurant Swaagat (Sofia, 6 Hristo Belchev Str.)

Photos: see here.

The event was organized by Multi Kulti Collective Association and Indian restaurant Swaagat.

Multi Kulti Kitchen is a model of cultural-culinary events hosted by foreigners from all over the world. The model was developed by Multi Kulti Collective Association in Sofia in 2011. It is now used in 7 Bulgarian cities to help the integration of migrants and refugees.