School Enrolment


Enrolment in kindergarten takes place in children’s municipal gardens after applying for it. Every municipality ach municipality has adopted specific criteria: general, additional and social (ordinance of the Municipal Council), based on which the classification and reception in the kindergartens is done. If the child has a chronic illness or a specific condition that doesn’t allow for it to be enrolled through the standard enrolment pathway, it is best for you to contact social workers and seek further assistance.

In order to enrol your child in kindergarten you are required to register yourself in the municipal kindergarten system. You must enter all required details such as the address where you are registered, the workplace of both parents etc. This will give your child more points and will give it better chance to be enrolled quickly.  Below is the list of additional documents that must accompany your application:

  • A dully-filled application form
  • A copy of the birth certificate of the child
  • The healthcare diary and immunisation passport of the child, completed by the child’s GP as well as a medical note from the same.
  • Results from a recent blood and urine test of the child
  • Results from a Wasserman test of one of the parents (only applicable for nursery enrolment) 
  • Results from a recent (maximum 15 days old) test for intestinal parasites and bacteria. 

School enrolment in state or municipal schools can be done throughout the year, but no later than 30 academic days before the end of the second school term.

In order for you to enrol your child in a preparatory group at school, you must submit an application addressed to the head of the applicable Regional Education Authority (Регионално управление на образованието).

Prior to school enrolment, your child will have an interview to determine the educational level of the child. The interview is conducted through an interpreter supplied by the Regional Education Authority (REA). Following the interview, a protocol (“card”) is prepared with proposals for the appropriate: preparatory group or class; profile or specialty of a profession; and form of training. Within another 7-business day, the REA head directs the child to a particular kindergarten or school, according to the family’s place of residence and the parents’ wish. 

1st grade enrolment 

You are required to provide the following documents in order to enrol your child in 1st grade:

  • Birth certificate – can be obtained from the municipality where the family is registered or SAR Ovcha Kupel.
  • Personal IDs of both parents
  • A dully-filled application form for school admission

Please note that in order for your child to be enrolled in first grade, they must have completed a preparatory group in Bulgaria. If they haven’t completed one and don’t speak fluent Bulgarian, it may be better for your child to be enrolled into a preparatory course instead. 

Enrolment following 1st grade 
The following documents are required for you to enrol your child:

  • ID document of the child
  • Translated and legalised diploma 

In the event that your child does not have a diploma, you must seek further assistance from SAR Ovcha Kupel. The authorities there will write a referral letter to the Regional Education Authority, who will make a decision on whether the child can be enrolled in school. After 4th grade, children who do not have a diploma are required to sit an exam to determine their appropriate level for all subjects.

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