School Enrolment



1. Ask for the pre-registration application in the educational centre and fill it out. You can also ask the city where the center is located or the territorial services of Education that corresponds.

2. Present this application and the following documentation at the chosen centre first:

  • Photocopy of the family book or documents related to marital status.
  • Photocopy of the DNI, passport or other identity documents of the father, mother or guardian.
  • Vaccination card or equivalent certificate.
  • Documentation accrediting the family home.
  • Copy of the document that proves that the father, mother or guardian is beneficiary of the economic benefit of the minimum insertion income.
  • Photocopy of student ID or alternative document if you are over 14 years old.

3. It may also be presented at the town hall where the centre is located or at the relevant territorial education services, which must deliver the documentation at the requested centre first and, in any case, before the end of the registration period.

4. Request a copy, with stamp and date, of the application.

Advertising and claims:

5. The centre will publish the list of students with the corresponding scale and will open a period of time to submit claims. All this information will be displayed on the bulletin boards.


6. Provide documentation that has not been delivered.

7. The director of the center will maintain an informative interview with the parents or with the tutor of the student who enrolls for the first time in the centre.

ATTENTION! All these procedures must be carried out on certain dates.
You have to be alert to deadlines. Pre-registration usually starts in the month of April.

In extraordinary cases, alternative documents or reports prepared by the social services that act in the locality will be considered valid.



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