Where can I get special care for my child (e.g. mental health, disabilities, etc)?


Disabilities/Special Needs
You and your child can choose between the inclusion into a regular class and the attendance of special schools, called Sonderschule or Förderschule. This decision should be based on your child’s type of disability or special needs as well as the structure of the system for special needs children in your Federal state. The offer and availability of certain options might be very restricted in some states.
For special services and more information, you can also turn to the Youth Department (Jugendamt) of your city or district. They can help with medical diagnostics and advice, therapy and parent support.

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Mental health
If your child has anxiety, depression, panic attacks, behavioural syndromes, mental illnesses or other psychological problems it is important to seek professional help. 30-50% of refugee children in Germany are traumatized, but only few seek psychological support. A first starting point can be the school psychologist or the school nurse or school social worker. Many cities or regions also have psychological information centres (Psychologische Beratungsstelle) for parents, children and youth. They can help you to find suitable psychotherapy sessions for your child.

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