What should I do when my child has problems with other children at school?


It is important to seek a conversation with teachers, counselor teachers (Vertrauenslehrer) or the school authorities first. They can monitor the children’s behaviour more closely and act if they see any kind of bullying. Sometimes it is also advisable to contact the bullies’ parents themselves to talk about the situation.

Where can I get special care for my child (e.g. mental health, disabilities, etc)?


Disabilities/Special Needs
You and your child can choose between the inclusion into a regular class and the attendance of special schools, called Sonderschule or Förderschule. This decision should be based on your child’s type of disability or special needs as well as the structure of the system for special needs children in your Federal state. The offer and availability of certain options might be very restricted in some states.

How can I get involved in school activities and parent-teacher meetings if my spouse and I work full-time?


Some parent-teacher meetings are specifically catered towards working parents, for example parent evenings (Elternabende). If you cannot make it to school very often, prioritize other lines of communication with teachers, like online portals, e-mails or phone conversations. 
If you would like to get involved in school activities such as fundraisers or festivals, you might be able to participate through small volunteering opportunities that do not interfere with your working hours, such as baking cakes or the preparation for events.

I have difficulty with the German language. Are there also German language classes for parents?


There are language and integration courses offered for a variety of people. For example, there are special integration courses for parents to improve your German language skills, connect you to local schools and teachers and teach you about the education system in Germany .

How can I communicate with the teachers or the principal if I cannot speak German?

Most people in Germany do understand and speak English, so at least basic communication should be possible in English. If you only speak and understand basic English or German you could also ask the teacher or principal to talk more clearly and slowly to make sure you understand the contents. If you or your spouse do not speak English there are other options, for example translators. Translators could be hired by the school, if they choose to do so. Please ask and encourage the teachers or the school authorities to provide a translator for you.

How can I get in contact with other parents?


The easiest way to get in contact with other parents is through school activities, the local playground or through playgroups. Playgroups for example can be organized through social media or can be organized by your neighbourhood centre (Stadtteilzentrum). If you also wish to get in contact with parents open to conversations in English or another language, you can turn to international parent organizations or expat/migrant communities, for example: