Further Information

Formal organizations: 
Ouders & Onderwijs: a state run information point for parents in schools.
Versus: a Commercial interest organization for Catholic and religious education.   
Vereniging Openbaar Onderwijs: interest organization for public education, mostly helping and giving information for school boards.
VOS/ABB: state run association to help schools and give latest news and workshops surrounding primary education.
PO-Raad: state run management organization that provides all educational information to parents and schools and provides workshops.
LOWAN: state run management organization that specializes in newcomer’s education, providing schools and parents with help, information and workshops to handle and help refugee and migrant children in primary and secondary education.

Non-formal organizations:
•    Tussenspel: For dealing with pupils suffering from post-traumatic stress and war traumas, parents and schools can contact the Tussenspel Foundation. Thanks to the methodology of Stichting Tussenspel, children who are in very difficult social circumstances can take new steps in their development, so they can better manage the difficult circumstances. Creative therapy is a form of assistance that initiates a change or growth process with the aid of visual work (drawing, painting, tinkering, etc.), drama, music or dance.
•    Samenspel: The project Samenspel consists of two parts: an interactive lesson program and a concert with a real orchestra in a large concert hall.
•    Kindervakantieweken: ‘Children Holiday Weeks’ has been organizing holiday weeks for refugee children and single-parent families for over twenty-five years.

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