Parent Engagement

The Netherlands has no official policy concerning parent participation in schools. However, it is encouraged and research has shown that parent’s participation has a positive influence on school life. Therefore, we can only record on our knowledge of schools that encourage and have an active parent participation level. An overview:

  • Intake conversation at the start of the schoolyear so that parents and teachers can meet and discuss the student.
  • Parent-teacher meetings a couple of times a year to discuss the progress of the child, any problems or other.
  • Parent meetings; school and parents come together to discuss new information, mostly in a group setting.
  • Parent volunteers who help with special events such as Christmas or Easter.
  • Parents who read to children at school (voorleesouders).
  • Parent mornings where parents are able to stay in the classroom for an allocated time to spend time with their children and see what is happening at school.
  • Parent-board: some schools have a parent-board, which helps discuss issues concerning the school and the students. 

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