Will Robots Conquer the World, or Robotics Workshop with Bulgarian and Refugee Children


Our Multi Kulti Children’s Programme continued on 30 May 2017 with a robotics workshop hosted by Училище по роботика “Robopartans” as part of the Spring celebration in 163 School in Sofia. Bulgarian and refugee children from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan learned more about the robots made from Lego, how to make and control them and discussed what’s the future of robotics and how robots make our lives better.

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We’d like to thank 163 School, Robopartans, The Refugee Project, CVS-Bulgaria.

Our Multi Kulti Children’s Programme is running for a second year. It aims at bringing together Bulgarian and migrant/refugee children in order to overcome social barriers while participating in cultural, educational and sport events. Children and youth between the ages of 6 and 18 have the opportunity to get to know each other in a safe informal environment, to increase their knowledge and improve their skills, to have fun and create common memories and friendships. The Programme has been actively supporting the two-way integration and building bridges between different cultures thus enabling children to live in a community free from prejudice, discrimination and xenophobia.

In 2017 the Multi Kulti Children’s Programme is supported by TELUS International Europe, 1000 km Balkan Charity Challenge and private donations. Thank you!

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Photos: Nikolay Doychinovv and Panayot Chafkarov