Co-creation & first steps

The project Multi Kulti Center in the Capital of Tolerance: Co-Creation and First Steps is implemented by Multi Kulti Collective and co-financed by Sofia Municipality through their Europe Programme 2019. It aims at supporting the Multi Kulti Center (5 Chernomen Str.) in its first steps as an innovative socio-cultural center where foreigners and locals can meet in a open and safe atmosphere. It is the first venue of its kind in Sofia to support the city as a City of Tolerance and as a city without hate speech, xenophobia and extremism. The venue uses co-creation methods aiming to empower different foreign communities, giving them the opportunity to organize different interactive events such as debates, workshops, trainings, community events, culinary courses, cultural events, etc. The Multi Kulti Center is a collaboration between Multi Kulti Collective and the Lebanese-French baker Hany Tawk from It aims at becoming a sustainable social enterprise and will be seeking project funding for certain activities but will also use business approach for others. The project is going to support several co-creation events, cooking classes, Multi Kulti Kitchen events and a final conference. The wide European network of Multi Kulti Collective is a guarantee that there will be many European events and initiatives that would successfully place Sofia on the map of good European practices.

News and updates:

Time frame: February – September 2019
Funding: Sofia Municipality through Europe Programme 2019

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