4 foreign cooking classes for the celebration of 163 School in Sofia

4 foreign cooking classes for the celebration of 163 School in Sofia

On 19 May 2016 Multi Kulti Collective participated in the celebration of 163 School in Sofia together with 3 of our most attractive chefs – Freddy Beniamin from the Iraqi restaurant Ashurbanipal, Saif ur Rehman from the Pakistani restaurant Punjabi Food and Datsi Marinkovich from the Serbian restaurant Kotiloto.We organized 4 cooking classes and 2 calligraphy workshops and together with all 130 children we learned how to cook easy tasty dishes such as Arabic pizza, chana chat salad and sandwiches with special Serbian meat and had lots of fun!

We’d like to thank the director of the school Ms. Katya Doynova for being such an amazing partner!




This event is a part of the initiative aiming at bringing together students and Multi Kulti chefs – refugees and migrants. Our aim is to create a friendly informal space where students and foreigners can meet, get to know each other, learn more about the foreign countries, learn how to cook and try delicious authentic dishes while building a community free from prejudice, discrimination and xenophobia.

The initiative is organized with the financial support of the Czech Foundation Via as part of the ViabilityNet program for young community leaders from Central and Eastern Europe. Our chair Bistra Ivanova participates in it.


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Photos: Panayot Chafkarov