Multi Kulti Kitchen: Bangladesh

Multi Kulti Kitchen: Bangladesh

On 19 June 2016 the latest Multi Kulti Kitchen took place in Sofia with our wonderful hosts from Bangladesh. The main actors were Javed and Shahanjanjan with the support of their families and friends. Together we heard more about the interesting and colourful life of Bangladesh, about the culture, lifestyle, cuisine, wedding ceremony, traditional clothes sari, personal stories about their integration in Bulgaria. Then we had the opportunity to taste more than 12 authentic dishes and desserts. Then there was a small concert with Bengali, Indian, Bulgarian and American songs performed by Javed and friends and we even danced a bit.

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It was a lovely cosy event! Thanks a lot!

The event was organized by Multi Kulti Collective Association and Indian restaurant Swaagat.

Multi Kulti Kitchen is a model of cultural-culinary events hosted by foreigners from all over the world. The model was developed by Multi Kulti Collective Association in Sofia in 2011. It is now used in 7 Bulgarian cities to help the integration of migrants and refugees.

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