Pakistani team building for the employees of Human Dynamics

Пакистански тийм билдинг за служителите на Human Dynamics

On 27 May 2016 we were delighted to organize a unique culinary team building for the employees of Human Dynamics hosted by the Pakistani chef Saif ur Rehman from Punjabi Food.

Together we managed to prepare several easy and tasty Pakistani dishes such as the fresh Pakistani salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, green salad, onion and a special mix of aromatic spices, the amazing side dish called pakora – fried potato and onion balls with special spices, chicken biryani with basmati rice and lots of spices. We also tasted the famous masala chai, the chickpea flour sweets called ladoo, then we had nice Bulgarian craft beer, nice Bulgarian red and white wine and then we ended the authentic evening with Saif’s one man show.



Special thanks to the amazing shop specialized in high quality Bulgarian wine only Vino Orenda Wine Shop.

We’d like to thank our lovely hosts from Amuse Bouche Culinary School.

See more photos here.

Photos: Panayot Chafkarov