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This is not your usual map. With its help you can travel to over 20 countries around the world without leaving your city. Where do you want to go? India, Russia, France, Peru?

The Multi Kulti Map shows you the cultural and culinary diversity of Bulgaria. Here you’ll find authentic restaurants and food stores, owned by Bulgarians, refugees, foreigners from EU and third countries from more than 20 countries. The owners share a piece of their personal story, tell us about their favourite childhood dish, tell us what they like about Bulgaria and what they miss from their country. Their story is illustrated with love by the artists from international-award-winning studio Compote Collective.

The Multi Kulti Map is a project by Multi Kulti Collective Association and has been around since 2013. It is featured as a “good practice” on the European Web Site on Integration of the European Commission and has been recognized as a social innovation across the EU.

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Since 2016 the project has been supported by private donations.

In 2015 the project grew as a social franchise and NGOs from the 7 biggest Bulgarian cities were selected, trained, funded and mentored to start transferring the model into their own local communities. This step was supported by the EEA NGO Grants in Bulgaria.

In 2014 the project is implemented with the financial support of the Municipality of Sofia, Europe 2014 Programme and The UN Refugee Agency.

In 2013 the project is financed by Sofia Municipality’s “Culture” programme for 2013 and is realised in support of Sofia and Southwestern region’s application for European Capital of Culture in 2019. This map also became possible with the help of Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation’s Development Giving Circle.