Inspired by the #BeTheChange Workshop in Sofia, two participants, Todor Kotev and Simona Traykova, organized the Be Coolinary event in Burgas on 21 April 2018. It was attended by 95 people. Here is what the organizers shared:

Be Coolinary is a youth project designed to draw people’s attention to foreigners residing in Bourgas area but also in Bulgaria. The main idea was to contribute to more continuity, empathy and readiness to help migrants in our city. The aim was to get young people to think about the fact that the life of a foreigner /migrant/ refugee is not always a ‘’fairy tale’’ and the fact that one person is from another nation does not mean he is different from us. The event was realized on 21 April 2018 with the help of many volunteers, sponsors and supporting non-governmental organizations. Various foreign traditional dishes were provided on the day of the event, typical of Germany, Russia, Armenia, Morocco, and of course Bulgaria. Each participant had the opportunity to try different meals. We had organized various energizers related to tolerance and integration. Last but not least, we started a discussion that targeted migrants – What do they think about them?, Would they help them?, and Would they talk to them? We were extremely glad that the people who attended the event had a very positive opinion on the discussion. 

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This initiative was realized with the support of TimeHeroes MicroFund.