7 movies, 7 foreign artists


7 movies, 7 foreign artists

Who makes art in Sofia?

In 2016, 7 RAYS and Multi Kulti Collective collaborated on a very interesting film project. We made 7 short movies to present 7 successful foreign artists from Peru, Japan, the Netherlands, Pakistan, UK, Greece and Russia who have chosen to live and make art in Sofia. Nikolay Vasilev‘s short videos present the lives and creative process of talented, positive and interesting artists coming from different backgrounds – a musician, a stage designer, a film director, an illustrator, an actor, a dancer as well as their personal connection with Sofia and the inspiration they find here.

From one hand, the project aims at presenting Sofia, its rich cultural dynamics and creative energy through they eyes of those who are not born here but have chosen to live and make art in Bulgaria’s capital, on the other hand, it makes visible their successful cultural and social integration. The positive message is: Integration is possible and having artists from all over the world here in Sofia enriches both their artistic lives and the host society thus contributing to development of high quality contemporary art.

The opening is planned on 26 October 2016 in Dom na kinoto in Sofia.

See photos here.

All movies can be watched on YouTube.

The project is supported by Sofia Municipality and Sofia Film City.

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