Cultural Managers’ Remedy against Burnout

Cultural managers (CMs) iface a whole set of challenges that in many cases result in burnout. The capacity building opportunities for them are quite limited and those are mainly in the field of professional skill development and not personal development. The project Cultural Managers’ Re-Creation Camp: Remedy against Burnout proposes a solution that will result in more capable, balanced, creative and happy CMs – the Re-Creation Camp. It is a 4-full days + 2 travel days retreat that would offer a safe space for reflection, peer learning, analysis, testing new methods for better work-life balance for small groups of CMs from all around Europe and beyond.

In January 2019 we organized the first edition of the Re-Creation Camp with 17 beautiful creatives from/based in Poland, Germany, Portugal, France, Malta, Romania, Bulgaria, Belgium, Yemen, Sweden, see more photos here.

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Time frame: January 2018 – January 2019
Partners: Multi Kulti Collective (BG) – leading partner, Creators Association (BG), Fabrica de Pensule (RO), Asociația ARTA în dialog (RO), Sigma Development (RO).
FundingGoethe-Institut and the Cultural Management Academy Sofia, Bucharest and Thessaloniki Fund.