No Racism in the Election Campaign for the European Parliament

no to racism in europe
Exhibition in defense of human rights

The project "No Racism in the Election Campaign for the European Parliament" of Multi Kulti Collective aims to raise awareness and discuss the harmful effects of racism in various social aspects, incl. as a pre-election political tool in the Bulgarian political campaigns and especially in the light of the upcoming European elections. The project seeks to strengthen European values and defend human rights. It also consolidates the efforts of institutions, civil society and the media to prevent racism, xenophobia and discrimination in the political campaign for the European elections.

The rationale for the project is based on the study "Hate Speech and Euroscepticism in Bulgaria" published by Multi Kulti Collective in 2022. It examines the links between hate speech, discrimination and racism and Euroscepticism (soft and hard). The document demonstrates that vulnerable groups such as Roma, migrants, refugees, people of colour are the most frequent targets of Eurosceptic political parties.

The project envisages two main activities:

  • An outdoor photo exhibition in front of the National Theater in Sofia (30 April - 14 May 2024) will give a voice to Bulgarians and foreigners who oppose racism and send a message in support of human rights, democracy and diversity. These are both victims of racism and prominent figures from public life such as journalists, artists, intellectuals, etc. The photographer of the exhibition is Krasimir Dimitrov. 
  • UPDATE: The team managed to organize a second show for the exhibition. Thanks to cooperation with Sofia Municipality – Oboriste District, First English Language School and 112 Stoyan Zaimov School the exhibition will be presented at the Pop-up Gallery on the Fence of the First English Language School and 112 Stoyan Zaimov School (60 Knyaz Aleksandar Dondukov Blvd., Sofia) between 22 May – 10 June 2024. 
  • A communication campaign in 5 key media partners and social media, where the personal stories of the participants find a place.

The exhibition is proud to be carried out under the patronage of the European Parliament

The project addresses the European elections and encourages voting, but does NOT take political positions and does NOT call for support for specific parties.

News and Updates:

Time Frame: February - June 2024 
Partners: Sofia Municipality
Funding: European Network Against Racism ENAR