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Liu’s Large and well-stocked shop with Chinese foods, cosmetics, literature and traditional clothes


18 Pirotska Str., Sofia
+359 2 981 5329
10:00 - 19:15
(Mon - Sat);
10:00 - 18:00 (Sun)
  • Kind: Shop

We talked to Mrs. Liu, who personally serves the customers at the counter. She arrived in Bulgaria in 1994 with her husband, who had come beforehand as and economic immigrant.

What she likes the most about Bulgaria is the climate. “And the fact that there are walnuts everywhere,” says her Bulgarian assistant while laughing. Her favourite Bulgarian dish is gyuvedzhe. “It’s the only one I know!” – Mrs. Liu laughs.

What she misses the most from her homeland is her friends and former classmates. Her favourite traditional Chinese dish from her childhood are Pelmeni.

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The shop was opened in 1998. It was named after her husband’s family name, because it’s a family business.

Specific products which can be found in the store are Asian food products such as shiitake and wood ear fungus, rice noodles and vermicelli, rice wafers, soy, fish and other sauces. But the store is much more than food – there are Chinese cosmetics that are not found elsewhere, Chinese literature, souvenirs, traditional clothes. Goods are all Chinese and are imported directly.

The most frequent customers are Bulgarians but also Chinese and other foreigners, the ratio is 80:20.

Interview and photos: An Fam
Translation from Bulgarian: Boyan Boychev
Illustration: Ivan Bogdanov for Compote Collective
November 30, 2013