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Tanoor A one-of-its-kind bakery with a cylindrical clay oven called 'tanoor', traditional for Central and West Asia


75 Tsar Simeon Str., Sofia
+359 89 607 0107
10:00 – 19:00
(Mon – Sat)
  • Kind: Bakery
  • Multi Kulti Recommended
  • Vegetarian friendly

Tags: iraqi bakery, tanoor

Husam Shakir Hameed came to Bulgaria in 2005.

What he likes the most about Bulgaria is the mild climate and people.

His favourite Bulgarian dishes are gyuvedzhe, St. George’s style lamb and all kinds of salads.

What he misses the most from his homeland is his familiy and loved ones.

His favorite traditional Iraqi dishes from his childhood are biryani rice (biryani) with vermicelli, nuts and chicken, kubbeh – groat balls, stuffed with meat.

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The bakery was opened in 2010 and the name comes from tandury (Indian), tandoor (English) or rather tanoor (in Arabic). Tanoor is a cylindrical clay oven, which is very specific to Central and Western Asia. The clay is heated by firewood placed in the bottom of the oven and the bread is spread onto the wall to bake. In Tanoor Bakery they have such an oven and this makes the bakery authentic and very special.

The goods that can be found in the bakery are prepared after authentic Iraqi recipes. They offer thin Arabic bread with spices, sesame seeds, poppy seeds and mince. The range is small but cannot be found elsewhere in Sofia.

Most of the customers are Bulgarians, as well foreigners and tourists.

Interview and photos: An Fam
Translation from Bulgarian: Boyan Boychev
Illustration: Dmitry Yagodin for Compote Collective
November 30, 2013