Borderline Offensive: Laughing in the Face of Fear

    Lola Joksimović
    Tiago Prata
    Ylva Svensson
    Anke Coumans
    T.S. Anna
    Marijana Cvetković
    Bistra Ivanova
    Panayot Chafkarov
    Ivana Rapoš Božić
    Despina Syrri
    European Commission, Creative Europe Programme

    Borderline Offensive is a transnational community gathering of creators, academics, cultural producers and citizens wanting to explore how art and humour can contribute to improving lives in society in Europe and beyond. As such a platform, Borderline Offensive has organised, staged and produced different forms of tools aiming to provide the answers to the key questions:

    • How do humour and art promote dialogue and reflection about migration, fear, pain, identity and social crisis?
    • How do arts and culture influence integration positively, and how does integration work diversify audiences and artistic discourse?
    • How do populism, xenophobia, and global cultural conflict impact arts and culture, freedom of expression and the mobility of creators?

    The research book offers a multidisciplinary view of the projects and it analyses the processes of the artistic creations and art residencies organized during the project. The findings, the conclusion, and the messages offered in the reports are the starting point for future discussions, advocacy and policy-making within the context of integration and intercultural dialogue.

    Borderline Offensive used art as a social bridge to create integration practice and in doing so - it pointed to the most relevant questions of the EU’s integration policy. Small groups that existed within society at the beginning of the integration path can merge into a big group if concrete activities/policy plans/practices are put in place - to foster social integration. These activities/policy plans/practices need to be a mix of formal and informal approaches to create a sense of familiarity.