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Kimmi Passion and tradition meet, in this cosy Korean restaurant


3 Chudomir Kantardziev Str., Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria
Kimmi: Kimmi
+359 88 455 0150
16:00 - 23:00
(Mon - Fri)
11:00 - 23:00
  • Kind: Restaurant

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To learn more about restaurant Kimmi, you need to get to know the owner Sam. He is still in school, when he falls in love with food for the first time. Afterwards, he practices and refines his cooking skills in different locations around Korea. In Blagoevgrad, he discovers that a good Korean food does not exist. There is only one thing to be done. To create restaurant Kimmi – with fiery passion, and in chaos. And that is how everything begins.

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Sam arrives in Bulgaria during 2014, and on 15th June 2015 he opens restaurant Kimmi. Today, he is always glad, when he can welcome the clients on his own. Are you hungry for something delicious? Sam is happy to grab your attention with offers for interesting and traditional Korean recipes: several types of sushi, fried rise with seafood, the Korean national dish Mandu or paste from sweet potatoes in Kimmi sauce.

In Bulgaria, Sam really enjoys the yoghurt and the shopska salad. But his favourite childhood dish is Dak Bulgogi, and he offers it to the clients of his restaurant. From Korea, most of all, he misses his parents.

The majority of the restaurant customers are Bulgarians, however the dishes have not been modified for the Bulgarian palate, and the dishes are traditional Korean.

Kimmi offers also an exceptionally interesting service to its clients: a pick-up service – free transportation to and from the restaurant. In addition, it offers free food delivery – another useful service for the clients.

It is worthwhile to visit restaurant Kimmi, for its fresh and casual atmosphere and service, for its excellent kitchen and of course to taste Dak Bulgogi, Ramen, Korean omelet with vegetables, chicken salad with pineapple, as well as some of the other Sam’s delights like chicken and pork steaks in traditional marinate, japchae or fried noodles with vegetables.

Interview: Stoyan Nikolov for Europe 2014 Community Center
Photos: Stoyan Nikolov for Europe 2014 Community Center
Translation from Bulgarian: Mariya Kelova
Illustration: Kremena Cholakova for Compote Collective
30 November 2015