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PolCa An urban, family friendly deli-café offering the best from the Polish and the Canadian cuisine.


10 Krali Marko Str., Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria
+359 87 755 3655
7:30 - 17:00
(Mon - Tue)
8:00 - 15:00
  • Kind: Restaurant
  • Vegetarian friendly

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“First we eat, then we do everything else”, writes Mary Frances Kennedy Fisher, author of popular literature about travel and good food. Today, Elwira and Elizabeth embrace the words of the prominent American writer (who also believed that eating well is just one of the “arts of life”), and follow her culinary advises in their café.

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Elwira and Elizabeth are coming correspondingly from Poland and Canada, hence the name of their café – PolCa. Both are married to Bulgarians and that brings them to Blagoevgrad in 2014. They opened the deli-café together and today they are proud with the fresh cream soups which they offer. A glimpse of the fans’ comments on their Facebook page shows why: they indeed prepare the soups according to the authentic recipes. This way they meet the everyday approval of the dozens of students that are coming from the nearby universities in Blagoevgrad, representing more than 40 nationalities.

In PolCa you will experience a warm atmosphere and personal attention. The girls are presenting their establishment as a family deli-café, which serves seasonal and freshly made foods. The delicious, rich in vitamins cream soups, fresh salads, sandwiches and backed potatoes are entirely influenced by the Polish, Canadian and British cuisine.

PolCa is worth visiting, because you will be warmly welcomed and you will be able to immerse yourself in the enjoyable urban atmosphere among the young students and the employees from the nearby banks and government offices, having their lunch.

Elwira and Elizabeth think that the riches of Bulgaria are the nature and the climate and love the shopska salad. However, they miss their family and friends from home.

But the owners of PolCa think about their clients not only during the day…. An evidence for that are the social events they arrange for the guests – PolCa Food Lovers Market, Easter and Christmas Market @ PolCa. Those are events to meet, get together and have a friendly talk, which are gradually more and more disappearing from our daily routines. Add an orange smoothie or a late, according to your desire, and you will get an idea of what awaits you in PolCa.

Interview: Stoyan Nikolov, Europe 2014 Community Center
Photos: Stoyan Nikolov, Europe 2014 Community Center
Translation from Bulgarian: Mariya Kelova
Illustration: Konstantin Zlatkov for Compote Collective
30 November 2015